Rosalie de Rosset

“My name is Rosalie de Rosset,” she told the class. “Isn’t that a fabulously feminine name? Clearly, my parents filled out the birth certificate before they met me. I assure you, that is the only womanly thing about me…

“I have one rule for this class,” de Rosset continued without smiling, “If you use the word ‘share,’ I will fail you. On the spot. I don’t want to hear one woman stand up here telling us that you ‘wanna share a bit of your heart.’ If you do, you will get an ‘F’ in my class.” I looked around and saw many women, smiling broadly, shaking their heads. “I want you to preach. You’re not schoolgirls sharing your dolls. You have a voice. You have something to say. And I want you to proclaim it.”

(“Preaching Lessons at a Fundamentalist Bible School,” by Carol Howard Merritt, Christian Century, Dec. 8, 2012)

One thought on “DEATH TO SHARING!

  1. Jeannie Love

    Yes, ‘sharing’ is one of those overused words, but it HAS met the need of the moment at times. I do really wonder if this instructor really believes that her name is the ‘only womanly thing about her;’ I certainly hope not.


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