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  1. Cindy White

    Hi Dave,
    We have not met but I was doing research on legacies and came across Doreen’s article in Resurgence and her book about Jonathan Edwards. I found it especially interesting for three reasons: 1) I am blood related to Jonathan Edwards and named my son after him and 2) I am working on a piece about Eric Liddell’s legacy as I know his daughters well and escorted them to London last Olympics for our Legacy Breakfast and the Eric Liddell Award and 3) love that you are former Cru staff!
    I am writing you because I could not find any contact information for your wife and would love to meet her. Our family recently moved to Waco from Ohio as my husband is a seminary professor now (former AIA) and I teach adjunct along with my Cru duties. Would you please provide contact information for Doreen? If you have questions, feel free to call.
    Cindy White, Baylor University
    Athletes in Action

  2. tim anderson

    hi david – long time, no see. hope you and your family are well . . .
    would like to get together with you. I’ve finally read your book of which you kindly gave me a copy when it came out. I just wrote and published a book of my own of which i’ll give you a copy!
    email back or call. I’m at 512-653-7115. look forward to hearing from you. and, good job on the book.

  3. Paula Wacker

    David Moore!

    Imagine my delight when I saw your Moore Engaging video linked on Dr. Lindsay’s twitter feed this morning! I will be skimming through your past blog posts today to see what you’ve been up to. I already noticed that your youngest is heading toward a PhD. Wow.

    I’d like to connect you with our school’s headmaster, as I’d love to have you come speak. Looking forward to reconnectiing.


    p.s. Thank you for making me read some classics years ago via the online book club. “How the Irish Saved Civilization” is still one of my favorites to recommend.

  4. JYJames

    Where is your “Get to Know Bill” book? Just saw “Best of Enemies.” Were you in it? I’ll probably see it again. The best part was the audience – highly engaged.

  5. Dave Post author

    Hey JY,

    It is presently on the back burner. I am finishing a book/Bible study on suffering. That will keep me occupied for the next few months. After that, I may go to the Buckley book.

    Have you seen my PBS special with Buckley? I think you would like it very much. Bill told me it was the most candid he’s ever been in public about his Christian faith.

  6. Bob Davis

    I would like to contact you via email. You may remember me from a couple of decades back when we were both at Grace CC in Austin. I am now pastor of Cantwell (Alaska) Bible Church. Can you send me your email address. Mine is

  7. Jeanne Backhaus

    It’s difficult to come by well-knowledgeable folks Within this certain topic, however, you seem like you really know what you’re speaking about! Many thanks


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