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I have wanted to see this for many years, and finally did.  Absolutely great!  I love seeing excellence.  And to think that so many are consumed with excellence when it is only for a perishable wreath?  How much more ought I as a Christian shoot for excellence!  (I Cor. 9:24-27) It also makes me long for churches to be more like a great restaurant.


I like food and I like folks who can carry a good conversation, so I liked watching Bourdain’s shows.  Our older son and I got to meet him years ago at Book People.  We had to wait for a few hours as we were at the back of the line.  We got to him after he signed autographs for hundreds.  He was present with our son, affable, and very kind.

A good interview with Bourdain.  HT: James K.A. Smith



Getting to spend time with William F. Buckley was a great blessing.  I had a couple of meals at his home. One was with some friends and our film crew.  The other one was just the two of us.  At both, peanut butter could be found.  Bill liked to put it on this wonderful toast his cooks made. 

My dear friend, Kurt Richardson, sent me this piece yesterday.  It brought back some fond memories: