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Dan Siegel offers three things that greatly help one’s overall mental health.  I rearranged the list (as found in Curt Thompson’s Anatomy of the Soul) so I could make the word FAN.  Here are the three things:

Focused attention exercises.  These are things such as prayer and meditation on the Word of God.

Aerobic activity.  Forty-five minutes a day at least five times a week.  We think better when we our body feels better.

Novel learning experiences.  Pushing yourself to learn something new.  Could be gardening, cooking, a new language, really just about anything that forces the brain to make new connections.


According to Christopher McDougall (Born to Run, p. 11-12), there were three times in American history where there was a big jump in the popularity of distance running:

During the Great Depression

Right after Vietnam

And right after 9/11

Running obviously is a way we cope with stress.