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Several of you voiced that there is much more to be said on the “What Coffee Taught Me About Homosexuality.”  I agree and will be doing more posts as the year unfolds.

I specifically chose to write shorter, punchier posts because I wanted all kinds of people, not just those predisposed to reading lengthy posts, to feel they could be involved in the conversation.

So stay tuned!

And this word count is less than one hundred!


I often say coffee is as big a part of my day as is the old morning shower.  That actually is not true.  Coffee is a bigger part of my daily routine than showering.  Sometimes I skip the shower.  No kidding.

Anyone who knows me knows I like a good, strong cup of coffee.  Because it is my number one drink of enjoyment, I periodically fast from it.  The longest fast was a year, but usually a week or so confirms the weakness of my flesh and the need for a deeper relationship with Christ.

For you, it may not be coffee, so ponder what that food or drink may be.  If you have fasted from it, you know what I mean by the weakness of the flesh.

Imagine now how tough it would be to give up entirely what seems so natural to you.  You are not supposed to give it up for a week, or month, or even a year, but a lifetime.

I don’t say this to condone homosexuality as I trust those reading this understand.

I do say it to develop greater compassion for those who face the incredibly difficult task of giving up what feels so right.

Do you fast, and if so, what have you learned about yourself?  More importantly, what did you learn about God?