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In no particular order, here are four things (there are more) which I appreciate about Fea’s book:

Fea uses great illustrations to drive his points home.

Accessible, but based on solid scholarship. This is not easy to do, but Fea accomplishes it wonderfully.

There is a gracious tone, but Fea still puts the spotlight on much foolishness.

Makes clear by way of many examples that the study of history is undeniably important.


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Athanasius (On the Incarnation) on how the incarnation of Jesus was just enough divine revelation to keep our heads from exploding!


“The Lord did not come to make a display. He came to heal and to teach suffering men. For one who wanted to make a display the thing would have been just to appear and dazzle the beholders. But for Him Who came to heal and to teach the way was not merely to dwell here, but to put Himself at the disposal of those who needed Him, and to be manifested according as they could bear it, not vitiating the value of the Divine appearing by exceeding their capacity to receive it.” 



Misinformation is bad information which is spread unintentionally.

Disinformation is bad information which is spread intentionally.

Information is usually understood as various “facts” or in other words, that which is true.

However, not all information is created equally.

How do you know when the information you are receiving is important?  It takes loads of discernment in an age where there is an explosion of information, like this little lesson on information!


Lindsey Scholl

Lindsey Scholl is a dear friend and an insightful thinker.  She can communicate to many audiences. Her PhD is in ancient history, but she is completing a trilogy for children which you can find out about below.

Lindsey recently penned a piece called “The Gospel of Flatland” which you can access here:

Lindsey also has a trilogy of web sites: