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Christianity Today: But what about the old saying, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”?

Historian Philip Jenkins: That was said by Tertullian, who came from the church in North Africa, where the church vanished. If you were to look at the healthiest part of Christianity right around the year 400 or 500, you might well look at North Africa, roughly what we call Tunisia and Algeria. It was the land of Augustine. Then the Arabs, the Muslims, arrive. They conquer Carthage in a.d. 698, and 100 years later—I don’t say there were no Christians there, but there certainly was only a tiny, tiny number. That church dies.

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Ronnie blessed our family with his compelling “history of redemption” which you can see in the second link below. 

May God use Ronnie’s life and death to be a continuing witness of the greatness, joy, and wisdom of living for Jesus Christ alone.

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Francis Chan and David Platt have written wildly popular books which call Christians to a more “radical” commitment.  Both want to challenge the consumer mentality of America, including us Christians.  It is a needed exhortation, but have they forgotten an important theme in Scripture in this call to forsake all for Jesus?  Anthony Bradley of the King’s College thinks they have.

Bradley kicked off a firestorm when he called into question the misplaced zeal of Francis Chan and David Platt.  There is a lot to consider on this issue and this interview may be a good place to begin: