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When I first started reading this book, I thought it might be a good, but not great book. In the beginning I assumed it would be rather boiler plate theology and missions. Perhaps a good survey of the salient issues. It is that for sure, but it offers so much more!

In rather short compass at 171 pages Pardue covers a lot of terrain: how culture should be understood in doing Christian theology to how we Westerners can benefit greatly from brothers and sisters around the world.

After working through this marvelous book and taking north of 100 notes in the margins, I am not surprised that it won an annual book award from Christianity Today.

Highly recommended!




Christianity Today: But what about the old saying, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”?

Historian Philip Jenkins: That was said by Tertullian, who came from the church in North Africa, where the church vanished. If you were to look at the healthiest part of Christianity right around the year 400 or 500, you might well look at North Africa, roughly what we call Tunisia and Algeria. It was the land of Augustine. Then the Arabs, the Muslims, arrive. They conquer Carthage in a.d. 698, and 100 years later—I don’t say there were no Christians there, but there certainly was only a tiny, tiny number. That church dies.

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