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Yesterday, I preached a sermon to the wonderful folks at Brenham Bible Church.  The sermon was titled “What’s in a Word.”  My sermon focused on the three words: faith, hope, and love.  I showed from God’s Word how these three are commonly misunderstood…even by many of us Christians.

During my preparation I pondered how the popular saying “I am a person of faith” bothers me.  My musings during the recent preparations surfaced a new twist to my dislike of that saying. 

Think about it for a minute.  Every human being, whether they are religious or not, is a “person of faith.”  Non-religious folks gladly place their faith daily in everything from elevators to cars.  And, of course, they place their faith in themselves! 

Saying you are a “person of faith” is about as meaningful as saying you are a person. 

Christians believe that they place their faith IN God.  It is the object of our faith that makes all the difference in the world.


Five (so far) things I hear far too often:

On “great” preaching: He’s killing it!

On being friends with a “great” preacher: My boy is killing it!

On everything from doughnuts to the the gospel: I have a passion for…

On pastors introducing their wives: Married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

On receiving some new books in the mail: These puppies just came in.


Here is a group of evangelical scholars deciding on whether slave or servant is the best translation for the the ESV.  You will see JI Packer who endorsed both my wife’s book, and my first book.  Wayne Grudem leads the discussion.  Wayne was our faculty adviser, directed my thesis and kindly wrote a blurb for the book edition.