I imagine you have had someone raise the question about God slaughtering the Canaanites.  Perhaps you have also struggled with it.

Usually, it is mentioned as one of the hardest things to accept about God.  I am not going to downplay how difficult it is to “make sense” of the slaughtering of the Canaanites, but I find something rather ironic, even some might say comical, about this particular objection.  

When someone mentions this objection as the thing to resolve before they will accept the Bible, I want them to look at my much longer list of problematic truths in Scripture!  Frankly, the Bible is littered with reminding me of my sin.  I don’t like that a bit, but there it is like gravity.  Am I going to leap from my spiritual twenty foot building and find reality on the ground?  Or am I going to trust that God being God is about things very different from me?


I just finished a terrific new biography on George Whitefield.  I will soon be posting my interview with the author and Baylor history professor, Thomas Kidd.

It is interesting to note that both George Whitefield and Daniel Defoe commented on how active the Scots were in church with rustling the pages of their Bibles.  Ah to hear that sound again!


One fears to plow through a new volume if there is a chance that a favorite landscape will be bulldozed in the process. One fears discovering a truth which will demand rethinking several views and changing the mind. One fears that somehow the knowledge will somehow negate the pleasures of naïvete.
Fred Craddock
HT: Allan Bevere