Pooping Elephants


I had my regular meeting with my friend, Warren, today.  I told him that many of us Christians believe the gospel is summarized in the following line:

God gives us inspiration for what we already want to do. 

Basically, it is the “American dream” with some Christian terminology thrown in.

The real gospel invites us to a story that is not being written by us.  We have to submit to the Storyteller to be part of the story He is telling.  It is a ghastly idea to autonomous Americans, but the best thing going in the universe even if marked by a life of suffering.  Christian brothers and sisters in other parts of the world where open hostility to Jesus is the norm know this is the REAL story worth being part of!


After many struggles years ago to have a serious and sustained conversation about the qualifications for elders, I decided there was a better approach to finding qualified people to serve.

I now  encourage everyone to focus first on the function of an elder rather than the qualifications. I am very committed to the qualifications, but have found it much more fruitful to get everyone to agree that the three main things elders are and do encompass a life of prayer, commitment to the Word of God, and proving to be examples to the flock (see Acts 6:4; I Pet. 5:1-3).

These three bring much more clarity as to who is truly qualified!