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I started watching CNN a few years back and thought their coverage was pretty “fair and balanced.”  It was a good respite from the hard left and hard right of MSNBC and Fox.

However, the constant coverage of the Malaysian airliner has caused me to bid CNN adieu.


I believe it is theologian David Wells who said television perhaps more than anything else has challenged the Christian view that God is in charge of all things.

In “real time” (a weird neologism) we can see all kinds of evil unfold. We can vicariously sense the terror of those going through war as we did when CNN correspondent, Bernard Shaw, reported from Baghdad.  As the bombs fell, the tremor in Shaw’s voice was unmistakeable.

Even secular scholars have written books describing the destructive effects of being exposed to certain types of evil.  Roger Shattuck’s Forbidden Knowledge is one such book and the anti-moralists were not happy that one of their own would raise questions about the value of reading certain works of literature.

Bringing this principle home is what caused me to get rid of our D.H. Lawrence books.  I’m no prude, and yes, I have read books which have stuff about sex in them…like the Bible!  I got rid of Lawrence even in my quest to “read the best which has been thought and said” because it seemed the defiling potential of Lawrence was greater than the positive payback.  I could be wrong and gladly invite push backs.

In any case, how do we determine not only how much we watch television, but more to the point, what kinds of shows?