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Rita Pierson

TED is short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  TED provides short and creative talks by various leaders in their respective fields.  

Rita Pierson, pictured above, taught public school for forty years. She recently died, but left a terrific seven minute speech at TED:


Yesterday, Denny Burk posted the video below.  Though it is humorous, I find it condescending to women.  Here is what I wrote on Denny’s comment thread:

“Funny, but not very good.  It assumes all problems are as irrational as allowing a nail in the noggin. Many problems our wives have are legit not irrationally destructive.”

I am dismayed to see everyone glowing about the video on Denny’s comment thread.  If we believe our wives suffer needlessly because of their unwillingness to extract the “nails,” we miss the point that many of their concerns are legitimate and perhaps not so simple to solve.