I was wondering about this recently:

If Job’s counselors were arguably more spiritually mature than the majority of Christians today, what does that mean about the advice we regularly receive?




3 thoughts on “JOB’S FRIENDS

  1. Jeannie Love

    That certainly is a situation to ponder. At this point in my life (in my mid 60s) there are a select few I turn to for advice. I am presently having the experience of standing by and praying for a long-time friend in a distant city who has been unemployed for over a year. Each week we talk, and for several of those weeks, earlier on in her unemployment, I shared Scriptural helps–ideas based on Scripture to help her through depressing times. She always ‘had an answer’ not to incorporate what I suggested. Then one week she shared with me something that she had read by a well-known author that had helped her. Lo and behold! It was just what I had been saying to her (but I bit my tongue rather than pointing that out). I guess reading it in print was better than speaking it over the phone???? God uses many things to teach us how to handle life in a godly manner 🙂

    More to your point, perhaps today more people are drawn to empathy rather than Scriptural truths; we need to learn Scripture and practice the following: What I KNOW, trumps what I FEEL; and advisors need to tell us what we NEED to hear rather than what we WANT to hear.

  2. Dave Post author

    The way to gain wisdom is to have people who both fear God and truly love us. The kind the Proverbs talk about!


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