When visiting someone for the first time, I used to inquire (in larger homes) where the library was located.  After several perplexed looks, I stopped asking.  It is depressing how few continue to read.

Here are some of the most beautiful personal libraries.  You and I may not have the money to create one like these, but surely we can find some small space to rightly honor the book!


5 thoughts on “WHERE ARE YOUR BOOKS?

  1. John Scholl

    Amazing libraries! And very interesting website. I was particularly impressed by this quote from one library owner: “’People say this is a pretty big house,’ Mr. Penzler said. ‘I say it’s a modest-sized house attached to a very large library.’

  2. Dave Post author

    Hey Paul,

    I definitely can see some (limited) use to the Kindle. Another use I will admit is attractive is when you have to spread out lots of reference stuff. Tough to always find the room.

    Thou almost persuadest me!

    Dave: When I saw your library as a young pastor, I knew all was right with the world!

    John: Love that quote! One of my favorites.


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