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I heard via John Fea’s blog that Tom Magliozzi died.  He and his younger brother, Ray, were the hilarious hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk.”  They were affectionally known as “Click” and “Clack.”  Though my mechanical skill is minimal (and that is an exaggeration), I loved listening to these guys.  They acted stupid, but both were graduates of MIT.  Their laughs and banter was infectious.

Here they help out an astronaut in space!


I was speaking with my dad the other night.  I typically call him on Sundays, but this past Sunday was special.  Dad was celebrating his eighty-ninth birthday.  He continues to lead a full life with ministry to the poor and enjoys many, wonderful friendships.
We got talking about a prayer he recently wrote on the evil of terrorism.  Dad mentioned that the word evil is being used more by journalists.  Good thing, but evil is typically used to describe the wrong we have done to another human being.  Sin, on the other hand, reminds us of what we have done against God.  It reminds us that our vertical relationship is primary.
We can really celebrate when newscasters begin to use the “S” word!