Lindsey Scholl

Lindsey Scholl is a dear friend and an insightful thinker.  She can communicate to many audiences. Her PhD is in ancient history, but she is completing a trilogy for children which you can find out about below.

Lindsey recently penned a piece called “The Gospel of Flatland” which you can access here:

Lindsey also has a trilogy of web sites:


    1. David McCoy

      I was first exposed to Flatland while in high school by a math teacher (also a Christian) who read selections of it to the class. Since that time I have used it several times in Sunday school classes to try to convey an inkling of the nature of the Trinity. I also wondered if the author was purposeful concerning the religious implications of his book., but I have to believe he was since the Dover Edition says he was an English clergyman.

  1. Lindsey

    Hi David,

    In her introduction to the Signet 2005 Edition of Flatland, Valerie Smith (English prof. at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut) suggests that Abbott had no apologetic motives when he wrote the book. She would know more than I, but it seems that Abbott could not have been blind to the implications of his work, especially since he was a clergyman. His book is such a wonderful means of getting us to think outside of our sense experience, and I can see how it would provide great discussion about the Trinity. Except that Abbott’s dimensions keep going – they don’t stop at God or anything else, at least not in A. Square’s imagination.


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