Looking for a great Christmas present?  Get a copy of Booked by Karen Swallow Prior.  And while you are at it, buy a copy for yourself.  You will thank me later.  

Karen will soon come out with a book on Hannah More, writer, philanthropist, and so much more (no pun intended).

On Karen’s Twitter account, I found this wonderful quote from Hannah More:

“It is therefore no worthless part of education, even in a religious view, to study the precise meaning of words.”

3 thoughts on “WORDS MATTER

  1. KSP

    Thanks for the shout out on both books! Hannah More is just fabulous. I hope I can come close to doing her justice in this book! Watch for more tweets of some of her best morsels!


  2. Lindsey Scholl

    I love that quote about the precise meaning of words. How often have we been in a conversation where an argument is dismissed because it is “just semantics” ? But our world, in multiple ways, is constructed on semantics.


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