I am grateful for friends who lovingly keep me in check.  Sometimes they probe into matters which make me uncomfortable, but I have no doubt they love me.

Many leaders (and I have seen it up close) do not have such accountability.  

Pray that you have Prov. 27:5,6 friends!

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  1. Clover

    For years I have used a service online for accountability called Covenant Eyes for men in my church. Here are 10 accountability questions they suggest going through with you accountability partner(s);
    Here’s the link:

    Sexual Purity
    1. I have avoided looking at pornography or other sexually
    provocative images online or offline.
    2. I have avoided images, interactions, or stories online
    I knew could be seductive or titillating (but wouldn’t
    necessarily be considered “pornographic”).
    3. I have kept my eyes from second glances and kept my
    mind from entertaining thoughts about someone (other
    than my spouse).
    4. I have actively avoided known triggers of sexual
    temptation or titillation.
    5. I am successfully fighting the desire to be noticed by or
    to attract the attention of other men or women (other
    than my spouse).
    6. I have not spent time with a man or woman in a way that
    could be viewed as compromising to my purity (or my
    faithfulness to my spouse).

    Stewarding My Time, Talents, and Treasures
    7. I am intentional about showing love to others by the
    way I serve them with my gifts/talents.
    8. I have been intentional about spending appropriate
    time with my family/household.
    9. My family/household is enjoying joy and harmony.
    10. My time with technology or media has not displaced
    time with God, family, friends, work, or my neighbors.
    11. I have spoken to and about others with edifying words,
    not with words that damaged them or their reputation.
    12. I pray about my financial expenditures, and I am
    intentionally generous with others. People can tell
    from my financial expenditures that God is my
    greatest treasure.
    13. I am intentional about the use of my spare time to
    pursue wholesome activities.
    14. I am intentional about my diet, exercise, and
    sleep habits.
    15. I am not creating the impression that I am better than I
    am. I do not exaggerate or make much of myself.
    16. I am feeling energized for the week ahead.

    Satisfaction in God
    17. I am resting completely in what Christ has done for
    me—not obsessing about my own failures nor putting
    stock in my own performance.
    18. Regularly focusing on gospel gives me great joy that
    overcomes life’s disappointments.
    19. When I hear disappointing news, I do not complain or
    live in doubt or fear, but instead I am inspired to pray
    and trust in God’s care and providence.
    20. I am enjoying prayer, and I am praying for others and
    myself with consistency.
    21. The Bible is consistently shaping the way I think and
    live. I spend regular time reading or hearing God’s
    words, and as a result of that time, I have determined
    to better trust and obey God in specific ways.

  2. Dave Post author

    Thanks Clover. I use some other lists and this types of tools are very helpful…if used in the right spirit.


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