Among other things, it seems all of us long for two things.  First, we want our own individual lives to matter, and second, we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  The first, I will call “unique impact” and the second, “community.”   Think about work as one example.  At work, we don’t want to be the proverbial cog in the wheel.  Rather, we want our individual contribution to be seen as unique, and therefore integral to the success of the company. Appreciating individual abilities is why so many companies recognize employees with awards.  We all love to be valued for what we uniquely bring to the table.  It seems we are designed for “unique impact.”

On the other side of things, we desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  We long to be part of a group of people who truly love and care for one another.  That is community.

If we are hard-wired for “unique impact” and “community,” where might these come from?  Understanding the Christian view of God provides a clue. Christians believe in one God, yet three Persons, all of whom are fully God. It is not a pie where each Person of the trinity is 33.333% God.  Neither is the trinity a belief in three gods.  There is a deep mystery with the trinity to be sure, but think about this.  The Bible says each Person in the trinity has unique roles and functions, yet all three Persons of the trinity are in complete harmony with one another.  If you are created in the “image of the triune God” as the Bible states, doesn’t it make sense that this is where your desire for “unique impact” and “community” would arise?  Search out other religions and philosophies.  You will find the trinity is unique.  


  1. Fred

    When I was a child I was taught about the “trinity” too, namely: Jesus, Santa Claus and the Easter Rabbit.
    When I grew up I had no choice but to throw away all of these three childish things that I was taught as a child – oh and the Tooth Fairy too.

  2. Dave Post author

    Hi Fred,

    Welcome to the blog. How did you find it?

    The evidence for the historical Jesus is massive and I am curious as to what you may have read.



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