I don’t necessarily advocate this sort of approach, but I love the delight, even giddiness over reading this writer displays:

“I pride myself on being a thoroughly careless, disorderly, haphazard sort of reader. As a matter of principle I allow my reading to be guided by a certain prodigious laziness.

I read whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. I can re-read the same book a hundred times. I can devour an author’s complete works in a spasm of devotion and then, as long as I live, never give another moment’s thought to that writer or any of their books.

I am not the kind of person who keeps a record of the books I read. Would you keep an orderly account of all the occasions in your life when you have sung songs, or drunk wine, or made love? Reading belongs to the domain of the spirit; it is not groceries, not income and expenditure, not the sort of thing that belongs in a black A4 ledger.”

Ben Myers,  “On Finding a Diary in the Bottom Drawer,”, Feb. 20, 2013




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