A few months ago I filmed an episode of “Moore Engaging” at the Harvard Business School.  Preparing for that interview got me thinking…about how Sunday school classes are typically run. Strange connection I know, but bear with me.

How would it work if we ran Sunday school classes like Harvard’s case method?  I am dead serious.  People would prepare beforehand and the teacher would expertly guide the conversation. In the video below you will see how much more preparation the teacher does in comparison to the student. The Harvard business faculty are zealously committed to their own preparation so they can guide well.  

I know.  This is too intense for Sunday school.  Perhaps, but look how Paul says those of us going for the imperishable wreath ought to train.  Much more than those who prepare like crazy for the perishable one (I Cor. 9:24-27)!

Take a look at this video and see if you think I am crazy for making the suggestion.  It could bring new life to the old Sunday school!



  1. Warren

    I am, on one hand, ashamed of my laziness in some of my past preparations for my teaching, and one the other hand, exhorted and encourage to strive for excellence in delivering ‘the whole counsel of God.’ Thanks, Dave!

  2. Dave Post author

    Hey Warren,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks for your candor. We can all do better (by His grace). And let’s don’t forget God’s grace in all this! I have to preach that regularly to myself!

  3. Jeannie Love

    In a common situation, I believe we as teachers (whether Bible teachers or secular teachers) face many of our students who are disengaged…which quite possibly could be our fault or laziness (as Warren stated). My experience in a Sunday school setting is that there too many are disengaged. My best learning has taken place around the table with guests who ‘talk through’ an issue or two for an hour or two. Do you think, perhaps, meaningful substance doesn’t happen in bigger settings because our walk with God is so personal that some folks will not allow others in for a variety of reasons (fear being a biggie)?

  4. Dave Post author

    Hi Jeannie,

    Yes, I think you touch on some of the challenges. There definitely needs to be a culture that grows over time where honest, loving, and thoughtful exchanges take place. Leaders in local churches must set the pace and model how life-giving and wonderfully dynamic true learning can be.


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