I am regularly delighted to find people I respect who diligently mark up what they are reading. Here is another example I found today: J.I. Packer! Though having a top-flight education he still saw marking up his reading as the only proper engagement with a book!

And here is a smart friend by the name of Dave McCoy. Dave has a PhD in chemistry, but does not let that get in the way of him marking up his books. Check out his copy of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake!

And by all means make sure to mark up your Bibles! You are leaving spiritual bread crumbs for your children and children’s children. One of my Bibles followed by one of Doreen’s. We put the same notes in two study Bibles so our sons and their families can have a record of our journey with Christ.


2 thoughts on “MARK UP YOUR BOOKS!

  1. Stephen Hustedde

    Thanks Dave! I try to get my college students to mark up their textbooks as well as an exercise of better engagement (even digital ones). Not counting the student who used a black marker to redact what he didn’t see as important!


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