Danny Akin is the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Danny and I are bound together (literally) because his commentary on Song of Solomon and mine on Ecclesiastes were matched together in B & H’s series of commentaries on the whole Bible.

Danny believes the shocking truth that the gospel of Jesus speaks to all of life.

Some within the Southern Baptist “denomination” (see my post on June 15, 2021) dubbed Danny a “woke liberal.”

If shrewdly “plundering the Egyptians” and seeking to have an irenic spirit makes one a liberal, then I guess many of us must wear that moniker. 🙂

And by the way, before you are tempted to sling out the word “woke” ask yourself whether you have done the hard work of lots of biblical and theological study along with ample historical work. If not, it would be better to ask questions than make confident pronouncements of who is and who is not “woke.”

If you want to better know history, here is a pretty good book to get you oriented:


2 thoughts on “AM I WOKE?

  1. Vincent Bacote

    It really is sad that there is the uncritical labeling of people – it makes many people seem very fearful and certainly very unwilling to recognize the complexity of many concerns. It is a truly fundamentalist and binary form of thinking, but it doubtless gives some a kind of comfort when they can easily put people in boxes of pure and unpure.

    Thankful for your work!


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