I get to read quite a bit.  At the age of sixty, I get a bit impatient when books are long, or frankly much longer than they need to be.  Some long books I am happy to read like the latest works of Jill Lepore and David Blight.  Both of theirs come in at about 800 pages, but are the kind you are a bit sad to finish.  Unfortunately, most writers aren’t the wordsmiths of these two gifted historians.
Echoes of Exodus is on the other side of the length ledger as it is quite short: less than 150 pages of text.  Many shorter books could have made good essays.  Echoes of Exodus is not one of them.  It is clear and engaging.  Even though there are two authors, it flows nicely.
There are many keen insights throughout this fine book.  It is the kind of book that shows all of us Bible readers that there are more riches in store for the careful reader of Scripture.

Highly recommended!

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