If there is no God, we Christians are truly most to be pitied.
We missed out on so much potential for worldly success.
Our silly beliefs shackled us to a stupid fear that we were wasting our time making loads of money.
Go on You Tube and watch people like Tony Robbins.  Seems a lot happier than many
Christians I know.  Perhaps he is right…
Pretty depressing, huh?


We need to be discerning who we listen to and why.  Too many assume that the one with the microphone is the expert.  Americans have had a love affair with celebrity that goes back at least to the Jacksonian period.  Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about it in the 1830s.

Perhaps there are quieter voices who don’t have a microphone, but have loads of wisdom to impart…if we will just be less enamored with the dreadful din of celebrity.


5 thoughts on “WHO DEFINES REALITY?

  1. Dave Post author

    Hey Elton,

    I got a chuckle out of your gaffe. Perhaps your mind was on political matters…


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