2 thoughts on “ONLY ONE TRUE LIFE!

  1. David McCoy

    Rowe’s portrayal of Stoic philosophy as a rival to Christianity in terms of both being truly life-changing paradigms is strangely mirrored in Tom Wolfe’s 1987 novel A Man in Full. One of the main characters (and there are many in this large book) becomes converted to Stoicism jail after reading Epictetus while in jail. It changes his whole approach to living and he becomes complete, as indicated by the book’s title.

    When I read this book I was struck at the time by how the character’s conversion was described in almost New Testament terms. If Wolfe had not specifically mentioned Stoicism, I would have thought he was talking about the experience of coming to Christ for the first time.

    1. Dave Post author

      I read an interview years ago where Wolfe talked about all this. Fascinating stuff. Stoicism offers some things, but sorely lacking in other areas…


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