I just received a collection of essays from one of my favorites: Jospeh Epstein.  He, and many others I love, are on this list.  Having just read Why I Write by Orwell I concur with his high ranking.  Perhaps not number 1, but he should be high.

Among others, I would love to hear from Dr. Dave McCoy on this one!


2 thoughts on “BEST ESSAYISTS

  1. David McCoy

    I am more of a follower of fiction than non-fiction. However, my list of essayists would certainly include Graham Green, John Gardner, Edgar Allan Poe, and Tom Wolfe in addition to those listed. Among those on the list are some of my favorites: Borges,Updike, C. S. Lewis, Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, and Virginia Woolf,

    1. Dave Post author

      Great list, Dave. Thanks for heeding the call! I recall you mentioning Graham Greene during a talk with you in 90s. I still have not read him, but I do love Lewis, Chesterton, and O’Connor!


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