*Have you ever heard a sermon on a developing a theology of work? If you have, did Bezalel and his buddy, Oholiab, figure prominently?

*Have you ever heard an entire sermon on a theology of rest?

*How often do Christians ask what you are learning from God’s Word?

*With respect to the previous question, how often do you ask your Christian friends?

*Has anyone ever told you that a minor prophet was formative in their spiritual development?

*With respect to the major prophets, has anyone ever mentioned Ezekiel?

*Have you ever heard a sermon on the silence of God?

*Have you ever heard a sermon on biblical rewards?

*Have you ever heard a sermon on how to obey the two commandments of Jesus in Mt. 10:16: Being both shrewd as a serpent and innocent as a dove?

*Have you ever heard a sermon on not confusing the flag with the kingdom of God?

*Have you ever heard a sermon on how we ought to treat “foreigners,” especially as applied to refugees?



2 thoughts on “I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW!

  1. Fernando

    Yes to several of these, at least if you’ll allow teaching settings in addition to sermons. Theology of work (and aesthetics) with respect to the Tabernacle artisans, Habakkuk (and Jonah, and Amos, and Hosea) as formative, Ezekiel, theology of rest, Biblical rewards, the flag and the kingdom, probably more. And yes, the sojourner in your midst as well.

    I’d argue that several of these topics belong in Subday School and Bible study classes, not in sermons. Maybe that’s just because I’m a Lutheran.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Fernando,

      That is terrific to hear!

      You seem to be new to this blog. Would you tell me how you found it?



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