1. David McCoy

    This is indeed a disturbing trend in society today, as I was reminded the other day when I came across a popular series of videos on YouTube by a Baptist pastor who is a believer in a flat earth. He was arguing against the beliefs of a fellow conspiracy theorist (who has written a popular series of science books for home schoolers) who thinks that giant dinosaurs still roam the earth and populate the seas. The controversy involved the exact nature and number of solid domes that surround the sky above earth and separate the various levels of heaven from one another.

    To be fair, it should be noted that at least a small bit of blame should be laid at the feet of experts in one field who feel that they can make sneering and superior pronouncements in unrelated fields. People like Carl Sagan who act as if the whole notion of God and the supernatural has somehow been disproved by science only invite an equal and opposite reaction from Christians who then feel that they must sneer at science and all scientists.


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