Four Kinds of People

My wife and I were talking about a piece she read by Tim Keller in which he describes two types of people:

                Those who get what they want and are not happy

                Those who do not get what they want and are not happy

My wife took the second group of people and made two groups:

                Those who have given up believing they will ever get what they want to be happy

                Those who have not given up believing they will ever get what they want to be happy

As we were talking about all this, Doreen asked me if I thought there were non-Christians who truly were happy with their lives.  I do.  In fact, I know some.  They have not yet gotten to Ecc. 2:11. (Take a gander to see what I mean if you are not familiar with this terrific section of Scripture.)  Their hearts are still satisfied with their lives apart from God.

My question to you: Why are so many Christians such unhappy folk?

2 thoughts on “FOUR TYPES OF PEOPLE

  1. Jeannie Love

    My first thought is that they do not really KNOW the word of God; and, therefore, they do not really KNOW God intimately. They do not know His promises and His nature and rather rely on what they see around them and their circumstances. They do not know that God is ever present and works behind the scenes and KNOW that He can be trusted for their daily struggles. Circumstances (the things seen) control them rather than the things unseen.

  2. Dave Post author

    Hey Jeannie,

    Your words resonate with a devotional/expositional commentary I am reading on Revelation. The author, Darrell Johnson, keeps saying that “things are not as they seem.”


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