Picture of yours truly with a compelling older Christian, Dr. Dave McCoy.

I’ve been thinking more about aging and the aged these past few years.  Sure, part (much?) of it is due to being 59.  Hard to believe.  Turning forty was somewhat surreal, but sixty? 

In any case, it is clearer to me that ever than older people are not typically the lifeblood of churches as they should be.  Some is due to them.  Did they prepare themselves spiritually as younger folks?  I’m sad to say many did not.  Lackluster Christians in their twenties and thirties make terribly unimpressive Christians later in life. 

Of course, God is gracious and I know examples of those who made course corrections later in life.  I also know those who were intentional about their walk with the Lord in earlier life, so it is not surprising they remain so.  I am grateful for the men and women I know like this.

This aging stuff has me noticing new things.  For example, I check out several blogs and Twitter accounts on a daily basis.  One thing that has struck me of late is how so few older people are featured.  Sure, there are older people if they are well-known Christian leaders, but that is about it.  Where are the older folks?  Most feature just the younger folks.



  1. Jeannie Love

    Living in a ‘retirement community’ sans gates, I see LOTS of older people in our congregation busy with activities that build their faith and extend the grace and mercy of their faith to those OUTSIDE the faith. As the ‘boomer generation’ in our congregation and community ‘take over,’ it will be interesting to take note how, if at all, that changes. Will the boomers be involved in activities of value or will they seek to spend their retirement days in recreational pursuits? Our present population has a great number of folks who have had stellar vocational pursuits and accomplishments and now seek to serve others. We possibly are the exception.


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