David Brooks and Charlie Rose Talk Politics, Life, and the Inseparability of the Two

Thanks to Diana Bridgman for sending the following video my way.


A few notes:

Why Trump is a fragile narcissist.

How Trump is different than the quiet, but self-confident Iraqi veterans.

“Trump pollutes our moral atmosphere in which we raise our kids.”

Trump is the “wrong answer to the right question.”

Teddy Roosevelt had a much better national and masculine vision for men than Trump.

Liberals want to expand government to increase equality. Conservatives want to shrink government to expand freedom. In American history, there is a third option.

Government has become more of a profession and is no longer a vocation.

Two ways to govern: authoritarianism and allowing the political process to work. Many are disgusted by the messiness and compromise of the latter, so they would gladly embrace the former.

Trump is like Aaron Burr.

This interview ends with a poignant self-reflection by David Brooks.


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