We love to invoke the Founding Fathers.  It makes us feel good about our American heritage. 

We admire and say we agree with what they tried to teach us about character.  They believed character among our elected officials was critical to governing well. 

Curiously, it seems many Christians have fallen off the planet with respect to this kind of thinking.  We either are ignorant of what the Founding Fathers said about character, or worse still, we kind of know, but think it is no longer practical to expect it.  I’ve seen many excuses among Christian leaders invoking, “We all are sinners” which of course is undeniably true, but using it as an excuse for expecting much of anything in our elected officials. If you expect more, you are dubbed a “purist” which is decidedly a very bad thing indeed!

So here we find ourselves as Christians still paying homage to our Founding Fathers, but clearly departing from their collective wisdom.  If that is true, and it is quite evident it is, how far do you think we have slipped away from biblical truths, in discerning what God is up to in the so-called political process?


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