Where my opinions currently reside among the top ten candidates after last night’s debate.

Trump: Still think he’s crazy, but the entertainment has a pretty good shelf life.

Bush: He would make a good college professor.  I’m not convinced he really wants us to vote for him.  I guess he has to spend all the money somewhere.

Christie: He’s grown on me a bit, but I can’t imagine I would ever be excited about him as president.  For the really curious, read what David McCullough mentions John Adams said about the rudeness of New Yorkers.  Yes, Christie is from New Jersey, but that can be worse.

Fiorina: Give her a cabinet position.

Paul: Naive.

Huckabee: Great line about the tie, but needs to go back to TV.

Rubio: Would probably make a decent president, but drives me crazy how he can’t admit his failures.  He’s like the Fonz from Happy Days.

Kasich: He’s done, well done.  Liked him quite a bit, but starting to feel the political vibe too much with him.  Not the scariest pol I’ve seen, but he has the disease.  Then again, don’t they all?!

Carson: It would be fun to see him utterly lose it.  He was quite the brawler as a kid.  No joke.  Watch the terrific movie, “Gifted Hands.”

Cruz: He started out with a big deficit for me.  His announcement at Liberty University was one of the most shameful displays of throwing red meat to the carnivorous, Christian crowd.  He’s grown on me and not just because I like a good steak.

This is my prediction, but it does not mean it is my personal pick:

It will be a Carson/Rubio ticket




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