I am asking a number of friends to answer the following question: If you could wave a magical wand which caused all Christians to read five books, what works would you pick? Here is the next installment.

Colby Kinser is a dear friend and the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Overland Park, Kansas. ┬áHere are Colby’s selections:

Bonhoeffer’s “The Cost of Discipleship”
Frost’s “Exiles”
“Center Church” or “Prodigal God” by Keller (serving different purposes)
“The Forgotten God” by Chan
A good survey book of OT and NT, or a good treatment of the Bible as story

2 thoughts on “WAVE YOUR WAND 10.0

  1. Dave Post author

    Hey David,

    I interviewed Willard twice when doing radio and he graciously endorsed my first book.

    My two favorites of his are Spirit of the Disciplines and Divine Conspiracy. How about you?


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