I like reading these kinds of lists.  My own list does not mean these books were published during this year, though some were.  My list also includes a few rereads that keep on giving gold.

It was fun to see that three of my books were on Christianity Today’s Best Book List.  So, in no particular order here they are:

Surprised by Hope by NT Wright

Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight

Confessions by Augustine (reread)

Life is a Miracle by Wendell Berry

Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs

First We Read, Then We Write by Robert Richardson (reread)

Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter by Randall Balmer

God, Locke, and Liberty by Joseph Loconte

A Change of Heart: a Personal and Theological Memoir by Thomas Oden

Pious Nietzsche by Bruce Ellis Benson

How (Not) to be Secular by James K.A. Smith


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