I am regularly asked what I think about some new approach or insight to living the Christian life.  Trendy stuff catches the imaginations of many Christians.  I could give many examples.  They come and go, but sadly many Christians continue to hold out hope that there will be some new breakthrough for their lackluster, spiritual life.

Whenever I am asked about one of these new, sexy approaches to walking with Jesus, I am saddened and sometimes a bit outraged.  There are so many better (and many times accessible) riches available.  For example, the Puritans had much to say about discouragement, temptations of all sorts, even what to do with recurring dreams where one is enticed sexually.

I am constantly asked what I thought about books like the best-selling, The Prayer of Jabez.  No one asks me about that book anymore.   Fashionable is fleeting!



  1. David McCoy

    The same is true in the area of eschatology. Of all the exciting books on end times written in the last 40 years or so, virtually none is read today. By contrast, a rather boring book on Revelation, More Than Conquerers by William Hendricksen, has been continuously in print since 1939. It is virtually fadproof.


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