I was watching TV the other night and a trailer appeared for one of the new horror films.  It boasted that it will keep you awake for weeks.  

What does it say about human nature that we are willing to pay ten bucks for something which will make us lose sleep?

2 thoughts on “PAYING FOR FEAR

  1. David McCoy

    You have caused me to ponder why I have had a lifelong love of horror films. I even find it relaxing to watch one before going to bed at night. I can think of two possible reasons for their appeal, at least to me:
    1. They usually portray the spiritual forces of good and evil as a crystal-clear contrast, unlike the shades of gray we see in real life.
    2. Perhaps they function in a way like the well-known “examination dreams” in which one is confronted with an important test completely unprepared and confused as to the time and location of the test and even the language it is written in, etc. Freud’s explanation is that such dreams act to purposely exaggerate our fears to the point that we can laugh at them when we wake up and realize that any day-to-day trials we are facing in reality are minor by comparison.


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