Those who know me know that I like to use memory aids (mnemonic devices) in order to recall various things.  Years ago, I came up with the name “Gage” (pronounced/emphasized with a long a for the two “a” cities) to remember the five cities of the Phillistines.

This past Wednesday evening, I was reviewing various things and up came the five cities (Gath, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gaza, and Ekron) of the Phillistines.  I laughed because the very next day I was having lunch with my dear friend Cliff Wilson, who is a pilot for Southwest.  It turns out that Cliff’s son is named Gage (pictured below). Does he look like a Phillistine to you?  I think not!

5 thoughts on “PHILLISTINES!

  1. Christi

    Oh… this is great. I love it. Love the picture, and love to hear about your study of God’s word. You are a great encouragement to Cliff and me in so many ways! I hope we can all have lunch together sometime soon. Miss you greatly.


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