4 thoughts on “SPECULATION IS SEXY

  1. David McCoy

    So much could be said on this issue. I am in the middle of preparing a series of lessons for our church on the many different ways Revelation can be, and has been, viewed in addition to the popular view so well publicized in Christian movies, novels, charts, comic books, etc. Too often we ignore the blessing given in Rev. 1:3 to those who read and keep (i.e. obey, heed, pay attention to, do what it says) what is in it.

    Part of the problem, as I see it, is that those who take a more reasoned hermeneutical stance toward viewing Genesis 1-2 and Revelation spend much more time talking to one another than to a wider audience .

  2. Dave Post author

    Hey Dave,

    Good words. It is amazing that the clear teaching of Jesus reigning and ruling no matter what happens on earth gets lost amid all the speculation!

  3. John Scholl

    The article is very thought-provoking, but I find myself approaching this issue from a different angle. Yes, we must focus on the big picture, the main points that the scriptures make. But the big picture is based on a series of smaller details, just like an argument in a history book–my work as a historian obviously influences me. The argument does not work without the details (or evidence from my historian’s perspective) upon which it is constructed. Levison exhorts us to notice God’s big point about the Sabbath. That is a great reminder, because I struggle in that area. But Genesis makes the point at the end of 6 days of hard work, thus inviting us to do the same–as do the Ten Commandments. If I chuck out the details, concluding that it is really all evolution, then do I not have to reevaluate the argument that is based on those details?

  4. Dave Post author

    Good and gentle push back John. All of us make interpretive decisions based on what details we find important and others which seem relatively unimportant. I think you guys would clearly disagree on some of the details, but the overall impulse of the article is something I believe you share in spirit.


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