Well, 2013 was another great year for reading.  In fact so good, I could not whittle down to the typical top ten list, so am cheating a bit with my favorite fifteen.  At the end, I will offer my top two for the year.  So in no particular order, here are my picks:

Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber.  Take a great chick flick (the kind most guys would grudgingly admit they liked), mix in great writing, candor, intellectual stimulation, spiritual insight, and humor.  Voila you have Surprised by Oxford.

Reading for Preaching by Cornelius Plantinga.  My interview with the author is coming soon.

Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs.  My interview with the author is coming soon.

The End of Our Exploring by Matthew Lee Anderson.  My review can be found here: 


The Taming of the Shrew (reread) by Mr. Shakespeare along with commentary from Brightest Heaven of Invention by Peter J. Leithart.

Sacred Scripture, Sacred War by James P Byrd.  My interview with the author is coming soon.

College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be by Andrew Delbanco.  

Heaven on Earth by R. Alan Streett.  My interview can be found here:


Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf.  I have read many books on “a theology of work.”  This one has fresh insights and is very well done.

Fateful Lightning by Allen C. Guelzo.  A master historian, especially on the Civil War, shows us a scholar at the height of his powers.  Much to ponder in this absorbing book.

Why Study History?  by John Fea.  My brief review is here:


The First Thanksgiving by R. Tracy McKenzie.  I am glad that McKenzie is beginning to write for the wider public.  May God bless his efforts!  My interview with the author is here:


Revolutionary Summer by Joseph J. Ellis.  Years ago, I read the author’s Pulitzer-winner, Founding Brothers.  This book is similar with its great story-telling and solid scholarship.

Ravished by Beauty by Belden C. Lane.  Even if you thought you knew much about the Reformed faith, this book will surprise you.  My review can be found here:


Contending for the Faith by Ralph C. Wood.  My interview can be found here:


Well, as things turn out, and it is pretty odd since I was not consciously thinking of it, my top two books are the first and last on this list: Surprised by Oxford and Contending for the Faith.



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