It is always good to remember (and I mean many times each day!) that we are all sinners.  It devolves so easily into a religious platitude, but it is the undeniable truth of Scripture.

I may not struggle with a particular sin which is a wonderful mercy of God to me.  Unfortunately, this can make me unduly harsh with others who do struggle with that sin.

One of the best antidotes I’ve applied when I sense my unrighteous judgment taking over (because there is a righteous one) is to remember areas where I am probably more tempted than many Christians.  It is humbling.  And it is healing.  

As a person who has the gift of discernment focusing on my own sin brings a much greater level of patience and love when I am in acute disagreement with someone.

I am not going to name names, but will say I have had many wonderful and mutually respectful conversations with various people over the plagiarism issue.  

Though my own perspective has not changed, I can say my many conversations have been truly free of rancor, name-calling, and straw men.  

What a tribute to God’s great generosity!



  1. Colby Kinser

    There’s a huge difference between calling a brother on a sin in order to him to follow Christ more closely and standing on a brother’s sin to revel in his failure. The brother’s sin is still the same sin, but do I weep as a member of the same body or do I enjoy the distinction it creates between him and me? Thanks, Dave, for keeping the conversation where it should be.


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