1. David McCoy

    I started to read the article but it is much too long. Do you have a link to a one-paragraph summary of what Carr is saying?

    Seriously, it is a profound and well balanced essay. By the way, I think his analysis of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is right on target.

  2. Jeannie Love

    I, too, was taken back by the length of the article. Somehow, if it were written on PAPER in front of me, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. It brought to my mind how many conversations today are centered on very short snippets of information taken from a website or a quick news story. The person speaking can’t really speak any further on the subject than what is heard on a news show. Often the background knowledge needed to really understand an issue/story requires some work on our part, and we have no time to acquire that information because we are too busy flitting on to something else.

    I appreciated the article…I thought it was just my age that was keeping me from reading lengthy material 🙂


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