When pastor Todd Putney convened an enthusiastic community discussion of The Shack, it didn’t go as he had hoped. “I thought that book would be a bridge to the God of the Scriptures, but it wasn’t. No one wanted to go there. They preferred the story and the god of The Shack over the God of the Scriptures.”

Elegant writing coupled with crucial insights in this article:

One thought on “THE BIBLE IS BORING

  1. Jeannie Love

    My cousin sent me “The Shack” which I read so that I could converse with her about it. I found it ‘non-Scriptural’ first off; but, I was surprised as I shared that view with a couple of friends, one (Christian) actually said, “I love that book.” Subsequently, she offered me “90 Minutes in Heaven” when I commented that I had trouble viewing my brother (a Christian who recently died) in heaven because I really can’t picture heaven.

    I wonder how this happens to friends, who I know have had Biblical teaching. The author of the article you linked to explains how even in our Christian family, there are those who prefer a narrative whether it is true to Scripture or not.


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