I was talking with a friend recently on the subject of disappointment with God.  What do you do when your experience makes it clear that your view of God can’t be correct.   It got me thinking about the options people take.  And there seems to be four of them:

Keep dutifully doing the right things when inside you are seething with anger.

Go insane, and yes, I mean literally.  I do know a few who chose this tragic option when God did not act the way(s) they expected.

Chuck the Christian faith.  It seems the best option for the person who wants to stop the charade when they no longer trust God.

And fourth…

Slowly, painfully, but redemptively realize one’s view of God was wrong.  Get to know the true God better and find that He is still trustworthy even amidst all the struggles, pain, and unanswered questions.  

I’m afraid we have too many choosing one of the first three options because option four is simply too messy for our sanitized vision of sanctification.

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