Years ago, I heard that theologian, J.I. Packer, reads The Brothers Karamazov every year.  I figured I should read it at least once.  Suffice it to say, there is a lot to think about in that big and important book.  

I vividly recall driving across country after our honeymoon and my wife Doreen sharing about the profound impact of another Dostoyevsky classic, Crime and Punishment.  So gripping was the book that Doreen started to feel sympathy for the criminal.  I am happy to report it did not lead her into a life of crime.

Here is a four minute clip (HT Justin Taylor) from one of our wisest counselors.  In a short space he does a great job of describing what great writers can do for us:


One thought on “LITERATURE’S POWER

  1. David McCoy

    Great video!!
    The included quote from Packer was also meaningful in stating that Dostoevsky portrayed the “nightmare quality of unredeemed existence and the glory of the incarnation.”

    I think there is also value in reading great literature from authors who are not redeemed because, if they are honest, they will at least portray the first of these two aspects. The characters of Franz Kafka especially come to mind with their vague but overwhelming sense of primal guilt and their futile search for a loving father figure.


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