I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say, “Lloyd-Jones is the greatest preacher of the twentieth-century.”  It is said with conviction.  It is said with certainty.  It is supposedly a self-evident fact.

No doubt the good doctor was impressive in many ways, but it is not possible for any human to say “he is the greatest.”  First, what are our criteria?  Second, who can know another man’s motives?  And third, one would have to be aware of every single other preacher to make such an assessment, and who knows that except God?!

I read recently where someone said preachers need to stop introducing their wives as the most beautiful which indeed is good counsel.  I would like to extend that to preachers and everyone else for that matter.







  1. David McCoy

    Our church once had the “privilege” of hearing a guest preacher who is on everyone’s list of Best 10 Preachers in America Today. In my humble opinion, It was a a rather poorly prepared and delivered sermon–not nearly up to the standards of even our associate pastor. In addition, our church sent our associate pastor to a homiletics class taught by this same famous preacher. When he returned, he delivered the worst sermon of his life. It was months before he recovered his own excellent preaching style.

  2. Dave Post author

    You touch on another issue, that of skills and style over substance. I’m afraid too many homiletics classes focus on the former and not the latter.


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