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Our youngest son, Chris, is planning on a career of scholarship and teaching at the university level.  He has majors in classics and philosophy.  Here is a picture of him a few weeks back getting early admittance into Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Texas.




The man in the picture is biblical scholar and agnostic, Bart Ehrman.  His story of leaving the Christian faith is well-known.  His books are widely read and vigorously debated.
In my own correspondence with Ehrman I found him quite candid about doubt.  He admitted that how one chooses to look at the evidence for the Bible’s reliability greatly influences what conclusion one comes to.  For one scholar who came to a wholly different conclusion than Ehrman:


I have the privilege (and pleasure) to interview many leading thinkers, writers, and leaders.  One was Jean Bethke Elshtain (1941-2013).  She wrote my favorite book on Augustine.  She was a highly regarded scholar with a clear moral compass.  Her insights always paid big dividends.

This essay which The Wilson Quarterly just published is one of the most significant I’ve read in a very long time:

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