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Scot’s “Jesus Creed” has posted some of my writing.  My book, The Last Men’s Book You’ll Ever Need, was featured on Justin’s, “Between Two Worlds” and Crossway regularly sends me books for review.

Scot and Justin are fine men whom I have corresponded with from time to time.

“Jesus Creed” and “Between Two Worlds” are indispensable reads.  For the record, I don’t list my favorite blogs on “Moore Engaging.”  I have too many so it would eat up precious space.

I greatly appreciate what both Scot and Justin bring to the body of Christ, but it seems I must be in the minority.  I have noticed if a blogger lists Scot’s blog, they predictably leave off Justin’s.  And vice versa.

I did notice Trevin Wax’s blogroll lists the blogs of Scot and Justin.  Trevin has a “Gospel Coalition” blog, but it does not keep him from declaring his admiration for both John Piper and N.T. Wright.  Trevin continues in this vein:

“Both are men of God who have a deep love for the Scriptures. Both have devoted their lives to the service of the kingdom. Both men are scholars who are simultaneously devoted to the Church…I began reading John Piper and N.T. Wright at about the same time (2003). I have benefited greatly from both of these men’s works. It has been theologically sharpening for me to have read extensively from both sides of this debate.”

(“Kingdom People” blog, “Future of Justification 1: Some Preliminary Thoughts,” Nov. 29, 2007.)

So here is my proposal (no pun intended):  More than a truce, let there be a marriage of sorts between Scot and Justin’s considerable followers.  Like all good marriages, I am not advocating some bland and therefore bogus agreement.  This would be a healthy marriage where fights are fair, love is tangibly displayed, and the real Enemy acknowledged as the only enemy.



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In no particular order, here are some reasons:

People said I should.

Like Augustine, writing clarifies my thinking.

Even though I have written three books and several articles, I have loads of material which is better suited for the provisional nature of blogging.

Related to the previous reason is that blogging is a great place to test out your ideas.

You get multiple perspectives which help sharpen your convictions while also exposing errors in your judgment.

I gave up Twitter a long time ago due to my frustration over receiving spam, best recommendations on pizza restaurants, and a daily deluge of silly sound bites.

My gratitude goes out to Blake Freeburg, Terry Cokenour, and Kent Major who made this blog a reality.


Welcome!  Feel free to noodle around.  I truly want this to be a resource which provides encouragement, spurs deeper thought, and gives fresh fuel for loving engagement in this wild and wonderful world of ours.

The vast majority of posts will be short and there shall be at least one new entry (but never more than three) on most days of the week.


You are busy

I want to honor that

Therefore, I seek to be BRIEF, ENCOURAGING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING and at times HUMOR will hopefully find its rightful place


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Be gracious. Steer clear of ad hominems, sarcasm, grinding axes, and all forms of nastiness.

Be brief.  Shoot for fifty words or less.  Note to folks who give lengthy comments on blogs: watch how your comments are addressed more frequently by being brief.

Be teachable.  All of us have much to learn.  Alexis de Tocqueville observed most people “either believe things without knowing why, or do not know what it is they ought to believe.”

I will not be able to respond to every comment.  When I do, I will seek diligently to follow the gracious, brief, and teachable triumvirate above.