I am a big believer in memorizing Scripture.  It is one discipline I’ve kept at for forty years now.  I am deeply grateful for wonderful models who valued the importance early on of hiding Scripture in my heart.

So is my subject line a joke?  Yes and no.

Many people tell me they just don’t have a good memory so memorizing Scripture is tortuous.  To quote Bob Newhart, I tell them to “Stop it!”

Rather, meditate on Scripture.  Keep chewing on it.  Divide up the phrases.  Mull over individual words.  By doing so, you will begin to have passages memorized.

So don’t start out by trying to memorize.  Meditate frequently.

But do review what you have memorized.  Review is crucial.  I know many people who have memorized even long passages only to lose it later on because they made no time for regular review.


  1. Jeannie Love

    I agree big time. I lead groups of senior citizen women and many just give up though I continue to encourage and provide suggestions that assist in memorizing and learning Scripture.

  2. Diana

    I grew up using one version, of which I memorized and appreciated the scriptures. If we have a version we love, it is often shocking then to hear that same Truth from a different version. How do you adapt to that? Do you memorize/meditate with primarily one version?


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