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Below, George Will well describes some of my own frustrations with Pence. 

Ironically, there are some ways that my critique of Pence is more stinging than Trump.  And if you are following my posts here, that is saying something!  Why?  Simply, because Pence ought to know better as a Christian.  He is in that too large a crowd that gushes over Trump. 

I can somewhat appreciate those who will hold their noses and vote for Trump. This is not what I am going to do, but I understand why some Christians might.  It is rather Christians who are infatuated with Trump no matter how outrageous and immoral he is revealed to be.  It just does not matter.  Political expedience and access to the corridors of power seems to matter most.

HT: Roger Berry


This bizarre and disheartening election cycle makes me recall the title of a book by Kent Hughes: Are Evangelicals Born Again? The Character Traits of True Faith.

During one of the major talks at the Republican Convention there was much more cheering for upholding the Second Amendment than remaining strong on Pro-Life.

Are some “Christian leaders” like Grape Nuts cereal? No grapes and no nuts in that cereal.

If you think the previous point is provocative, try this one on for size: The Bible makes it clear that you can cast out demons (Mt. 7: 21-23) or have your body burned (I Cor. 13:3), but not be a believer. If that’s true, then you can certainly have a seminary degree from an evangelical school and not be saved.

Do you think every professor at Liberty University agrees with Jerry Falwell’s gushing endorsement of Trump? I think it is safe to say, “No way.” So why the utter silence? Ousted board member Mark DeMoss could probably shed some light.

What has happened to people like Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Ben Carson?

Lot thought Sodom and Gomorrah looked good. What looks good may be horrendous. So did going into exile in Babylon. Jeremiah was one of few who knew differently. We need more Jeremiahs today!

Watching people place their loyalty and hopes in any political candidate is one of the most pathetic things imaginable for a Christian. It wouldn’t matter if its George Washington or James Buchanan.